Drawing Contest

The Goal of the Project

The goal is to create an extremely unique art work that is a collective effort - where anyone can contribute with an idea within certain restraints. The content is created in a group effort in an uncertain and somewhat random but potentially interconnected way. The end product will contain a little bit of everyone that participated and I believe the composition will be greater than the sum of its parts. Perhaps there will be ambiguous themes or values that emerge unpredictably as the work evolves.

It will be chaotic and there will be many interpretations of what the image will mean. If one person's suggestion is a snake because they hate snakes and another person's is rabbits because they love rabbits,then what will it mean for these images with their own reasons for being suggested to exist together in a composition? Even more so, because maybe we won't know any reasons for why it was suggested or there may not be any reasons.

The size of each suggestion in the drawing will be determined by chance via a dice roll. So the universe will decide what the size of each element will be. It will be interesting and fun to see how the sizes of elements flow into the overall composition and change the end product. 


Basic Information

I am going to make a request though social media for ideas of what to draw next in a drawing, and continue this until the drawing is finished. I will select a request randomly. 

This will be a physical drawing in black ballpoint pen which I will create nfts from. 

I think it will be fun because anyone who participates will have a chance to come up with something creative and unusual or absurd and insane, whatever you want within the confines of the suggestion. How it will all fit together will be uncertain but exciting to see.


How to Participate

When contest is started

Make a suggestion for what I will draw next. Make the suggestion in the comments for the most recent contest post on one of my social media channels. Please make sure that the suggestion fits the request in the post.

I have a list of eight different choices and I will ask in a post for ideas that are within that suggestion.


The Contest Prize

When I finish the drawing, I want to give out a reward to give an incentive for participating. I have not worked out exactly what it will be yet. But I will, and then I will update the information here. I am sure it will be something like giving away an nft or the original drawing to someone.



NFT Info

The edition size of NFTs will match the amount of suggestions. For example, if there are twenty suggestions, then I will have twenty editions. The physical drawing itself will also be available for sale - I'll take direct messages with offers and then sell it to the highest offer at the end of the contest as a separate transaction. 

Whoever has won and had their selection chosen will have an option to purchase the finished NFT. I will make a separate transaction to sell any remaining of the edition if any winners choose not to purchase. 


Selection Process

I decided the best way to accomplish my goals for this contest is to predetermine a list of choices and then use randomness to select what type of choice people can suggest. At a very early age, for an unknown reason, I had a special interest in the number eight and the color orange, especially together. So, in that tradition, I will use an orange eight-sided die to determine what kind of suggestions I will accept.

After some time has passed, I will choose the winning comment randomly. I'll use a random number selector off the internet using the total number of ideas submitted. I will make another post announcing the winning suggestion from the comments. Then I will draw this suggestion.

The amount of time it will take to finish the suggestion is indefinite because it will depend on what the suggestion is. If it is something complex that I have not drawn before, I may have to do some research or practice before I can draw it. Once I have completed the new element, I will follow the same process to select the next element from the comments.


How I Select a Suggestion

Three 8 sided dice rolls for each new drawing post, to determine the content, quantity, and size of the content within the drawing.

1st roll (content)

  1. Skull. Examples: A skull with three horns that have tentacles coming out of its mouth, eating fish, or a skull that has a serpent body.
  2. A face. Examples: angry face spitting, a face laughing, a face with a tree growing out of the forehead.
  3. A domesticated animal Examples: A dog, a chicken, a cat with ten legs.
  4. A dangerous animal Examples: a shark, a giant warthog, a bear with rattlesnakes for legs.
  5. Supernatural, magical, mythological creature or being. Examples: a unicorn, a centaur, a cyclops with a saddle that is a beast of burden for a leprechaun. But not a particular deity please; I don't want to draw Zeus or Thor or such.
  6. Shapes or something geometric Examples: circles that are melting into squares, triangles, blocks stacked like stones.
  7. An insect or sea creature. Examples: a preying mantis, a wasp, a squid that has hands on the ends of the tentacles.
  8. Whatever you want (within the context of project).


2nd roll (quantity)

    • 1-3: a singular amount.
    • 4-7: two.
    • 8: any amount -usually not higher than ten (but a high number might encourage me to make the elements smaller, or someone integrate them together) If someone says “one thousand, or one million,” I'll probably just draw a small dark spot and that is the million but they are very far away in a huge group.


3rd Roll (size within the drawing)

    • 1-2: small - an estimated 1% of the drawing.
    • 3-4: medium - an estimated 2% of the drawing.
    • 5-7: large - an estimated 4% of the drawing.
    • 8: very large - an estimated 8% of the drawing.
    • please note that this is an estimate I am not going to be measuring and making it precise. It is an approximation and it should be around this size give or take a few percent, as best as I can reach. 

 This should put the range of suggestions at a minimum of 12 and maximum of 96. 



What I draw next

You can usually identify objects in the drawings as representations of things in the real world, but I am not attempting to make a perfect representation. A disclaimer is that my style and method of drawing does create elements that may not always correspond exactly to their representation in the real world.

I may draw a slight variation of a thing; but, not to the point where it is completely unrecognizable. Although, it is possible it may be different from what some people would expect. For example, a hand might be slightly more bulbous than a real hand or have otherwise absurd qualities, and musculature of a figure might be incorrect and exaggerated. Another example: if the suggestion is a mythical creature, and a unicorn is selected, the unicorn I draw might vary from a traditional one, depending on my improvisation at the time of drawing.

I do not intend to make every anatomical, or other type, of object exactly proportional and representative of how it exists in the physical, or otherwise traditional, world. For a general idea of what to expect, take a look at the other drawings in the dark surreal category.

If a complex mechanical object, or something I haven't thought of that is overly complex and difficult wins, what I draw might be simplified or abstracted version of it. I'll google it and give it a shot but it might not be exactly what you expect. It will be my discretion about what is considered offensive or inappropriate, since anyone can participate – if something seems like it could be, it will be better to err on the side of caution and ignore that request.


What I Will Not Draw

  • Any real people or caricatures of celebrities or historical people.
  • Anything in my judgement, which I will always attempt to keep at the standard of a reasonable person, which is hateful, offensive, or adult material related.
  • Any copyrighted material or intellectual property material. In other words, no super heroes or cartoon characters or such. Nothing like - the Tardis from Dr. Who, or the Nike logo, or something like that.
  • Please remember that different things can be offensive to different people so please don't make suggestions that would create issues since this is supposed to be fun and about art and if I offend anyone with what I have drawn please understand that was not my intention.


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