Post-Synthetic Morphology


Brief Explanation

First some explanation of the title is needed. “Post” refers to our current time in history, and “synthetic,” refers to something that is artificially created, and “morphology” refers to the form and relationship between structures of living beings. This title and its contemplation of subjects is in the context of the event known as the technological singularity, which is basically the point where technology becomes so advanced we don’t know what will happen.

The paintings in this series explore some possibilities of what the visual consequences of this event can be. We know what our organs look like and what their purpose and structure is, but what about the same question if humanity can create objects superior to nature?

Primal Binary


Brief Explanation

This series of paintings investigates the interconnected and underlying relationships of struggle in the natural and human world. Many of the most profound struggles are related to the physical structure of life. This is explored in the paintings by use of forms in dense flowing structures that are vaguely organic and often indefinite. Organic shapes are in deep reds that present rawness and passion along with a mild shock, like viewing organs for the first time and knowing they have a purpose, but not knowing what it is. Upon viewing, there is a sense of exposure to the simplicity and brutality of nature, but also of its complexity and unknowable purpose.

Shapes can coalesce into forms of animals or humans, or remain ambiguous.


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