Art Journal 4

In the last two weeks I have started a new drawing and been working on my wood carvings. I am using my normal procedure for my new drawing, where I improvise as I am drawing. I do have a rough idea for a new title for this drawing.

Art Journal 3

The last week I have been working mostly on my wood carvings. I am still thinking about how I want to display them. I noticed that the orientation of the face towards the viewer is vitally important in the perception of the piece. If the piece is in an incorrect orientation, it might take away much of the aesthetic value. I have a new idea related to this.

Art Journal 1


My goal is to start posting new Art Journal articles to my blog on a schedule. The schedule is to post weekly, or bi-weekly, and I am aiming for Mondays. The Art Journal entries will be a combination of: what I am working on, some goals, struggles, and some information about some concepts or thoughts that I am currently philosophizing about. I will post these in the non-specific category because the articles will contain information about more than one type of art.

Since this is the first Art Journal article I will start with the previously mentioned topics. First topic is what I am working on. It might be entertaining to follow along and see if I finish what I start working on and accomplish my goals, or if you are reading from the far future, it might be meaningful to see where some things were when I started this journal process.


What I am working on

For the last few weeks, I have been focusing a new medium, that I have not shared on my site or social media, even though I have been working on it on and off for quite a while.

Art Journal 2



In addition to normal drawing, I am working on a lot of wood carvings lately. I have been thinking of how to finish each one, because putting a finish on a carved face or skull really changes the final appearance. I have some different choices of finish materials. Some finishes make the final product shiny and others make it look more red or black. I have noticed that some will make the grain of the wood more appealing. It will take much trial and error to see which ones look best with what types of wood.


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