Art Journal 9

Since the last blog entry, I have made steady progress with my drawing video posts and Study Improvisation drawings. My wood carving, “Skinnyface,” is on hold for the moment; however, I have been working on some other carvings. My current carving work is with some small walnut skull carvings. The first one is the “Singing Skull,” which I started posting pictures of last week. I have two more walnut skull carvings. These will arrive on social media also.

I haven’t begun my new Epoch Nightmare drawings yet, but I have been thinking about them.



This writing is specifically about some ideas behind the Epoch Nightmare drawings.

Art Journal 8


I have an idea for a new drawing type. It might be a while before I begin and finish one; however, I have a strong, tentative, idea of what the drawing type will be.
Some background first: many of my drawings are dark and contain nightmarish images of skulls and horrible creatures and such. When I am drawing intuitively that is just what comes out.

Art Journal 6

The past two weeks I have been working on carvings and drawings. I think that posting a new journal entry every two weeks will work best for me, at least until I decide otherwise. So I will be posting a new journal article every two weeks. I have done a lot of work on a new face carving. I started posting pictures of it to my Instagram account last week. I am calling it “Skinnyface,” but the name might change.

Art Journal 7

First, this entry is an acknowledgment that I need to update information on my website. I have some types of drawings on my social media that also need to go on my site. Three types: 1) daily drawings that I did for 100 days, 2) my face carvings in wood, 3) study improvisations – which I will explain in the next paragraph. It will be a bit before I update everything, but I will get it eventually.

Art Journal 5


I finished a wood carving and I am happy with the way it turned out. It will be arriving on social media soon.

With my carvings, I am thinking about how different materials for the bases will affect the aesthetic.


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