Art Journal 14

Hard to mention it but I haven’t been progressing with all my art as well as I would like. I did finish my stamp for my carvings. I am going to test it soon and see how it works. I think it will be enough to stamp the surface of a carving in order to put my signature mark on it, without having to carve down into the material along the lines to engrave it.

Art Journal 13

Wood stamp for signing my carvings is still progressing. I thought I had finished the stamp, it looked really nice—then I realized that I had forgotten to carve a mirror image. So, it works but it is backwards, so I must start a new one.

Art Journal 11

I haven’t started the nightmare epoch drawings yet, but I will get to eventually. I have thought of another type of drawing though.

Art Journal 12

An update on the wood carvings. I realized that I have not signed any of the wood carvings.

Art Journal 10


I still have not started a new Epoch Nightmare drawing. Hopefully I can start one before the next blog entry. I am leaning towards the Ordovician period, so the first one will probably be titled, “Ordovician Nightmare 1.” There will be some squids and trilobites, and because this is an intuitive drawing, there will be some random elements present from previous dark surreal drawings.


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