Art Journal 21


This entry is a status update for my art.


holding off for a while, practicing some techniques. I do have quite a few that are close to being done and just need to be sanded done. For me so far, the final sanding is very time consuming because I don't know a way to smooth very small areas other than by hand and that is every inefficient.


I have a large painting that I am working on a little bit at a time, it is progressing extremely slowly. They are basically on hold for now.



Haven't decided yet what will be the next Study Improvisation drawing. Still working on Stress Due to Abundance of Entanglements drawing #2, and I post progress videos for those. I am also working on Figurative Prototype Drawings, I post those on Fridays on my social media. I am still working on these two even those I have missed a few days posting on social media.

Also working on Nightmare Epoch drawing #1, which is Ordovician Nightmare 1. I am planning on posting pics to my blog first before posting on social media.


My plan is to post on social media more consistently and build my Youtube page. Someday I intend to do a drawing based on my ideas in my philosophizing. And, I would like to start my drawing contest again but I need to figure out how to get that to work. I am only at a snail's pace right now but hopefully I can do better in the future. 



Very brief this time. Still thinking about individual perspective, cycles of life and nature, and the passage of time. Time does seem to move more slowly depending on a person's situation, even though objectively it is always moving at the same rate.

The sad thing is that it would be best if time would go slowly if you are having a good time, and go quickly if you are having a bad time. But unfortunately, it is the other way around. I am sure there must be some reason for this, but I haven't done any research to find out.


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