Art Journal 19

I haven’t decided yet about naming the Study Improvisation drawings. I could name them a specific name or just call them Study Improvisation 1 or 2 and so forth. I’ll let that sit in the back of my mind for a while longer.

I am getting close to finishing my 2nd Study Improvisation drawing. I think the next one will probably have ears as a topic, because I still need some more practice. The first and second drawing have a lot of improvisation in relation to practicing. They might be 50/50 or maybe more improvisation. I might make the third drawing have less improvisation and more “study,” which is the term I have been using for the practice.
I didn’t get around to starting the Nightmare Epoch drawing, but that is my priority to start.

I have been giving my wood carvings a break. I have quite a few that are close to finished but I just need to do some finishing touches. I have others that I haven’t posted on the website or social media yet. I haven’t posted them because I need to work on my ability to take good pictures.


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