Art Journal 18

I have been doing some research for Nightmare Epoch drawings, although I have not started yet. I have chosen the Ordovician epoch for the first drawing.

This epoch has some good creatures to include: squids, trilobites, and long eel type beasts. These creatures will make some interesting content when mixed with some skulls and other elements from my dark surreal drawings. I am pretty sure that I will have started the first drawing by next blog entry, but we will see.


I have been considering that very small creatures, which we normally think of as being insignificant, like flies and spiders and such could have some limited type of self-awareness. I don’t mean to say that it is the same level as human beings of course.

Previously I would not want to make this assertion because it seems obvious that this type of little creature doesn’t have the physiology to possess any amount of sentience or complex behavior. How could something that has a brain the size of a period have the ability to do anything complicated? However, I read something that changed my view.

I read that honeybees have a complex dance that they use to communicate information to each other. It seems like at least those honey bees must have some kind of awareness to be able to remember information and accept information from others. One could argue that doing these actions is more instinctual and that the bees have no awareness in the sense that human beings have. That is what I used to think, but now I am considering that the answer might be somewhere in between.

Maybe I need to research the difference between doing a complex behavior from instinct and being able to learn a new behavior and improvise upon that new behavior. Maybe this determines the degree of awareness. If a creature is doing an action by instinct, they don’t have any conscious awareness of what they are doing?


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