Art Journal 17

My Study Improvisation drawings have in a success in my view. I am getting practice drawing certain things and at the same time improvising random elements. Maybe it would be more efficient to do quick sketches for practice, but I think it is more fun for me to practice while I am working on the final drawing.

I have been focusing on ears on my current drawing. I have almost finished. I do not know for certain what the next Study Improvisation drawing will contain. I am thinking that I will need to work on ears again. For whatever reason, ears are not something that I have drawn very frequently. Therefore, I am working on ears, so that I will be able to draw them from memory.

Understanding the form of ears and how light creates shadows is helping me with having ears in my wood carvings. The carvings are much more challenging than just drawing, because different tools remove material in different ways. With carving ears, and some other elements, I am not at the point yet where my ability to use tools matches what my mind is attempting to create. It is probably because I need to increase my skill level, and maybe because I am not using the best tools.

There is one topic that I have not decided yet regarding the Study Improvisation drawings. I haven’t decided if I should change the naming format. Should the names just be Study Improvisation X, where X is the chorological order of the drawings completed? I can think of two more options. One option: I could name each with a number within a category, for example, Study Improvisation Ears #1, or Study Improvisation Hands and Facial Expressions #2. The second option: each one can have its own special name with or without Study Improvisation in the title. I will have to decide this soon.

I will save my philosophizing until next week. This is one of those times when I have some ideas but I think they need some more time to swish around in my mind.


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