Art Journal 15

As of now my social media is not where I would like it to be. I am considering shifting my focus to creating content for YouTube.

I might not be doing the right things, but for whatever reason, I just can’t gain much traction. Right now I am thinking of using my philosophizing section of my blog for inspiration for new drawings and then posting them on YouTube. I also want to record my Nightmare Epoch drawings and post those on Youtube. It is taking me a while to start those, but I will.

I would like to start my drawing contest up again but I am not sure that I have a big enough following to get any responses. I will probably wait a while then start to post about the contest again.

I have been working more on carvings than other art. I realized today that I am working on too many different carvings at once, and that is the reason it takes so long to finish one. Today as I was working on a carving I was thinking about how I need to focus so I can finish one. As I was thinking about this, I keep seeing a single piece of wood, which was about twelve inches long and 3 inches square in diameter. Then I started a new carving from this piece. I am going to name it “Monument to a Hero.” I have another carving called “Monument to Two Heroes.” The new one is going to be a small face at the top and then the remainder a simple column. I am hoping this will be my last new one for a while.


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