Art Journal 14

Hard to mention it but I haven’t been progressing with all my art as well as I would like. I did finish my stamp for my carvings. I am going to test it soon and see how it works. I think it will be enough to stamp the surface of a carving in order to put my signature mark on it, without having to carve down into the material along the lines to engrave it.

It is a very small stamp, so I didn’t really have enough room to make it identical to my signature (at least that I felt comfortable attempting). So, the stamp is the first few letters of my signature. Many of my carvings are just a few inches across and are not flat—so I will see soon whether or not the stamp is going to work. Also, some of the carvings are almost black so I will have to see if the stamp will work with white ink against a dark background.

It is on the agenda to begin my Nightmare Epoch drawings and build my YouTube channel.



Somewhat following the topic from last blog entry, I have been pondering the limits of the universe. In the context of being beyond the observable universe, I am thinking about if there is an absolute boundary to physical existence.

Up until recently I have thought that there is no boundary, and that the true nature must be cyclical. By cyclical, I mean if you go far enough in one direction, you end up at the beginning again, analogous to going far enough in one direction around the globe and then reaching the point where you started.

But recently, after considering some topics related to microbiology, I have begun to entertain a different perspective. I have been thinking about a new analogy instead of the analogy where the limits of the universe are defined as a lateral distribution over a spherical structure to allow infinite continuous movement parallel along the surface.

The new analogy is a bucket filled with water taken from the ocean. The water contains microorganisms, minerals, and impurities, and provides a continuous framework in which all these quantities are held together and can move together. If you are very small, and you move too far in one direction you can’t go any further because the wall of the bucket is solid.

The universe can be the same as the water in the bucket, containing cosmic objects instead of the other quantities. If you go too far in one direction you will hit a point where you cannot go any further because the boundary is solid and impassible. In order for this to be true the boundary will be outside the observable universe otherwise we might have seen some indication that it exists.

If this were the case it would be a hard question to ask what exists on the other side of the boundary or if the boundary can be interacted with, or bypassed.


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