Art Journal 13

Wood stamp for signing my carvings is still progressing. I thought I had finished the stamp, it looked really nice—then I realized that I had forgotten to carve a mirror image. So, it works but it is backwards, so I must start a new one.

I have quite a few carvings that will be finished once I can stamp them. After I have the stamp I can put pictures of them on my social media, and I can also add them to my website and put them for sale.

Drawings are proceeding at a normal pace; although, I have only been able to work on the drawings that I have been adding to social media. Usually there are other drawings that I am completing in addition to what I am posting on social media.

I did successfully create a youtube channel. I have titled the channel, M coffman. So far, I have two videos of one drawing. Each video has increased speed from many different drawing sessions. I will be adding more videos to the channel.



Lately been doing some reading on some basic microbiology. I have been thinking about colonies of bacteria and fungi, how they exist below our perception and live their lives without our awareness. I know that their body structure is very simple, and there is no biology to possess any form of sentience. But a part of me wonders if there is any possibility that they have some level of self-awareness that does not fit with our own definition, one that does not correspond to a physiology that we can detect.

This thought leads me to consider if there is an analogous situation with humankind, where we are the infinitesimal organisms and larger forms of life exist outside of our awareness. Maybe these are so large they are outside of our ability to perceive them. If we could make this assumption, the next question would be if our existence would affect the existence of the larger organisms, or if there is no interdependence in the existence of both types of entities. If we are assuming that the situation is close analogy, then what we are doing must affect the larger organisms somehow, in the same way that the world of the tiny affects us.

My own intuition leads me to feel that if there are larger organisms and we are the analog to simple life in microbiology, that we must not have any influence upon the larger organisms. But I could be wrong based upon on my own ideas.


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