Art Journal 11

I haven’t started the nightmare epoch drawings yet, but I will get to eventually. I have thought of another type of drawing though.

I haven’t thought of the name for the new drawing type yet, but it is simple to explain. I will use the ideas and concepts in my philosophizing section of my blog for inspiration for a drawing.

My carvings are progressing well. I have an idea for a new type of wood carving. The new type is a three-dimensional version of my Figurative Prototype drawings. This new type is going to be in the far future. One reason it is going to take a long time is because I do not have the right tools yet. I need to get a chainsaw blade that is meant for carving wood.

I will have to remove a large amount of material from the wood to get it to the final form. I have some logs set out waiting for the day. I will start small with sizes approximately 1.5 feet tall and 8 inches wide. Someday I would enjoy making one a few times larger. For the present time, I will be working on wooden faces; however, I am guessing in the next few months or longer I will get to the new type.



Still on the subject of evolution: I am curious if it is possible to have artificial evolution for biological organisms. I have read in a few places about how artificial intelligences are programmed to evolve. My question is if an animal that has a fast lifespan, or a lifespan that is sped up, could be forced to evolve towards gaining intelligence or sentience.

I can image that a good argument for it not be possible is because there are physiological limits on an organism is capable of. A fly doesn’t have the brain structure to create complicated thoughts and have culture. But on the other hand, because it does have a physiological limit in the present time, that does not mean that it could not increasingly develop beyond to a new limit. If one were to go back long enough, wouldn’t our simpler and distant ancestors have similar limits?

I think the problem would be speeding up the lifespans to encourage meaningful changes. Bacteria and simpler forms of life can quickly evolve to meet the environment. For example, where when they become immune to vaccines, that doesn’t take hundreds of years.

One of the reasons I have been thinking about this is when I think about pets, like dogs and cats. They are different from dogs and cats of hundreds of thousands, or millions, of years ago. Humanity has put them into situations that has encouraged change. Given enough time, will they continue to change until they have increased cognitive abilities?


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