Art Journal 10


I still have not started a new Epoch Nightmare drawing. Hopefully I can start one before the next blog entry. I am leaning towards the Ordovician period, so the first one will probably be titled, “Ordovician Nightmare 1.” There will be some squids and trilobites, and because this is an intuitive drawing, there will be some random elements present from previous dark surreal drawings.


These drawings will be slightly less intuitive because I will have to look at pictures of Ordovician animals, because I do not have them memorized. Some type of skull will be an element in these drawings since they are nightmares after all, but I don’t want to have so many skulls that it takes away from the epoch creatures.

I think it would be interesting to do a Neogene Nightmare as the second drawing. Unless I am mistaken, this time-period contains the animals that are in-between human and more primitive apes. In this drawing I could have several types of hominins, and variations of hominins, with grimaces and scowling faces. There are plenty of pictures of hominin skulls that I could look at for inspiration. I’ll have to include some large predators like sabretooth cats.

It seems worth mentioning that my drawing contest is on hold for an unknown time. But I do plan to start it up again as soon as possible. Another thing worth mentioning: I don’t have comments for my blog articles but my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if anyone wants to contact me about these articles.



Because I have been thinking about deep time, just some of my thoughts about evolution. Is evolution necessary if conditions are completely stable? If nothing in the environment is changing, there is no need to adapt. That is, assuming peak efficiency has already been reached. Otherwise, some form of evolution could continue to become more highly efficient, even when substantial changes are not happening.

Once peak efficiency has been reached and if conditions do not change, there might not be any need to change any further. But would the natural processes of evolution continue even though they would cause mutations that are less effective than before? That might make evolution a counterproductive process. Maybe this question is not appropriate as a thought experiment because conditions in nature are never consistently stable. I think that some artificial environment could be stable enough to be in the context of this question. Maybe such an environment could exist after the technological singularity.


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