Art Journal 23

I am going to take a break from my art for a little while. Maybe just for a week, maybe for a month. I don't want to take a break any longer than a month. I need some time to take a step back. I will not be posting on social media accounts during my break.

Art Journal 22

Progress is slow right now. Everyone has good times and not as good times. I had a teacher that used to say, “Everyone has their own demons.” This entry doesn't have much content other than to state that progress is slow going right now, but I have some big plans for the future and hope that I can get back on schedule.

Art Journal 20

I have finally begun a Nightmare Epoch drawing. It will be the Ordovician Nightmare #1. I am still doing some research on Ordovician animals so I will know what to draw. The animals will not always be exact representations. Sometimes they will be a bit of a variation but still recognizable, kinda a "inspired by" sort of thing. I will put a progress picture of the new drawing, I haven't put it on social media yet.

Art Journal 21


This entry is a status update for my art.

Art Journal 19

I haven’t decided yet about naming the Study Improvisation drawings. I could name them a specific name or just call them Study Improvisation 1 or 2 and so forth. I’ll let that sit in the back of my mind for a while longer.


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