Art Journal 24


So I have taken a long break from posting anything, but I have still been working on art. Now I am going to return to posting. I don't have any issues with making lots of art, but I am not so good at sharing it and posting it. It has been a long month for my break, which turned into almost two years.


When I was in a literature class, the teacher was chatting with the students before class started. The teacher asked a student about how school was going. The student said that everything was going great except for math, because he had to take remedial math, which was difficult. So his whole level of enthusiasm was negative because he had to struggle with that one part. The teacher said without any hesitation, “We all have our demons.” (the same teacher in my previous post)


I think that was a profound response because it is true. It quickly sums up a powerful thought that things are often disproportionately difficult for people due to their unique, and valid, circumstances.


So now I am posting again I am going to try to keep to a schedule of posting, which I am still considering. I will be sending out to my mailing list soon for my email subscribers and it will be my priority to do so with consistency; however, it will not sent out frequently.

Art Journal 23

I am going to take a break from my art for a little while. Maybe just for a week, maybe for a month. I don't want to take a break any longer than a month. I need some time to take a step back. I will not be posting on social media accounts during my break.

Art Journal 21


This entry is a status update for my art.

Art Journal 22

Progress is slow right now. Everyone has good times and not as good times. I had a teacher that used to say, “Everyone has their own demons.” This entry doesn't have much content other than to state that progress is slow going right now, but I have some big plans for the future and hope that I can get back on schedule.

Art Journal 20

I have finally begun a Nightmare Epoch drawing. It will be the Ordovician Nightmare #1. I am still doing some research on Ordovician animals so I will know what to draw. The animals will not always be exact representations. Sometimes they will be a bit of a variation but still recognizable, kinda a "inspired by" sort of thing. I will put a progress picture of the new drawing, I haven't put it on social media yet.


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