Other Art Ventures

I am not currently working on these types. During my break from posting anything I did go pretty far into these. However, now that I am focused on NFTS, I want to put nearly all my creative energy into the art types I mentioned on the home page. If I do work on these things, it will be sparingly and in a way that will not reduce the quality or quantity of my NFT work or commitment to building a presence in the community.

That being said, these are some other things I like to work on.

  • Carvings of faces in wood. Just like the freakish faces that I draw, but in wood! I use power tools to carve them. I have used chisels and that works too, but takes longer and I can bet I will cut myself eventually. I don't know if it would look any different but it would take (at least for me) an insanely longer time to use only chisels, perhaps it would be worth it for bragging rights?
  • Carvings of faces in melted HPDE plastic, same as above but with plastic. I have melted down various HPDE items into blocks, then shape them into faces by removing material with power tools just like with wood. Colors melt together to create really interesting effects depending on the different items that have been melted. It is really time consuming to melt them down especially whilst being safe.
  • Cement sculptures with steel armatures. Physical representations consistent within the figurative prototype or subjective assemblage series. I also have some ideas for abstractions but I haven't gotten a chance to do any yet.
  • Polymer clay sculptures with wire armatures. These are smaller figures like the freakish characters that I draw within the dark surreal category. Polymer clay with steel armatures works well to create detail and preserves the insanity and absurdity well.
  • Engraving in steel. It works really well. I can cross hatch with precision that comes close to my actual ballpoint pen drawings. So far I have done it on surfaces that are treated so what I have removed isn't deep, but it looks really nice. I haven't gone deep into the steel cutting like what you would see on a gun engraving for example, but I am pretty sure I could do so if I had a reason or motivation to.




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