Detailed Information about Drawing Contest

Right now the contest is on hold but at some point in the future I do plan to start it again. I need to work out some details. I will take any comments or suggestions. 


How to participate (when contest is started again)

Make a suggestion for what I will draw next. Make the suggestion in the comments for the most recent contest post on Instagram or Facebook. Please make sure that the suggestion fits the request in the post.

I will start the contest up again soon. So far the drawing has three levels in.



I do most of my drawings without prior planning. I like to draw one element and then improvise the next, and continue that process until I finish. It is my feeling that this process creates expressions of sincerer bizarreness and strangeness. I do drawings within different categories- but for the first contest, I will do a drawing that is in the Dark Surreal category. It will be comparable to other drawings of this category and the Dark Surreal progress videos I have been posting.

Daily Drawings


I completed my 100 daily drawings. At this time they exist on my social media pages. Soon they will arrive on the site.


These drawings are all 5.5" x 8.5" and are representative of the categories from the site. 

Figurative Prototype

Brief Explanation

This series of drawings is an attempt to explore and question the definitions and qualities of the ideal figurative form. Ideal form refers to the highest expression of aesthetic value derived from the human form. The question is what appearance is the sample, or template, that the figurative form strives towards?


Subjective Assemblage


Brief Explanation


The course of exploration in the expression of the figure has led to a style and series of drawings I have named Subjective Assemblage. Within my own perspective of art output, it is a tentative terminal progression of figurative expression and exploration thus far.

About Reality and Orders of Magnitude


Brief Explanation

Many of my drawings and drawings series investigate ideas and concepts about the organization of reality on levels beyond what we can perceive. There are two main areas of investigation: One - images that present a landscape of an unknowable scale of reality. Two - a representation of a moment of change, or a transition event, on a distant scale larger or smaller than our own world.

Consideration of this topic is rewarding aesthetically because it forces the viewer to ponder rich philosophical issues that might not otherwise arise. It also forces contemplation of the depth and uncertainty of knowledge and existence.


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