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Please read below where I will briefly introduce myself and my art, or jump right into my art with the links above. Head over to my blog if you are interested in reading in more depth about my art. 



What I create

  • Paintings with acyrlic. My paintings are 30"x40" or 36"x48."
  • Drawings in black and white; I use standard black ballpoint pens or #2 mechanical pencil and charcoal (or charcoal pencils, or drawing pencils).
  • Drawings in color; I use standard ball point pens of different colors.
  • I use power tools to carve faces and skulls into wood; sometimes using normal industrial wood, other times wild pieces I have found. 



I tend towards obsession and fascination with philosophical topics. My art is a reflection of this. However, this tendency, along with the introduction of the macabre and fantastic from pop culture, and along with the general absurdity a person can experience through the course of life, can drive my expression into surrealism and abstraction, often with a tinge of the ghastly or ridiculous.


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