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What I create

  • Drawings in black and white; I use standard black ballpoint pens or #2 mechanical pencil and charcoal (or charcoal pencils, or drawing pencils).
  • Drawings in color; I use standard ball point pens of different colors.
  • Digital drawings. I use a free drawing program to draw on my phone. Additionally I have a small wacom tablet and I use open source design software.
  • I have other art that I work on, but at this time all my emphasis is on the current list. I won't be creating other things at the expense of what I describe on this page.


Drawing Contest

I have a drawing contest that I will be starting soon.


Categories for Drawings

  • Dark Surreal. This needs little explanation once you see it you will know what I mean. Maybe it's not everyone's cup of tea, but what comes out, comes out.
  • Contemplative of reality. One of my favorite documentary topics: cosmology and scales of reality. To me these are impossible views of imperceptible levels of reality. Bigger than the biggest multiversal structure or smaller than the smaller subatomic particle - inexplicable and inaccessible except from the imagination.

Two Figurative Categories

  • 1) Subjective Assemblage. Exploring the human and animal figure to the limits of being recognizable, pulling together disparate organic structures to build the figure.
  • 2) Figurative Prototype. Pushing the human form to its limits asking what is desirable or necessary, begging to consider the value and meaning of form.


  • Figurative Abstract. An investigation via simplified and ambiguous organic and figurative structure where perspective and figure ground relationship is indeterminate and flowing.
  • Synthetic Morphology. A contemplation of what the terminal physical structure and meaning of humanity in a post singularity world.


Background Quick Version

There is a Robert Frost quote, “To be a poet, is a condition, not a profession.” I believe this statement applies to art as well. I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. Art has always been something I have just done. Over the years, I have found two reasons why it has become a condition for me. One: it provides mental stimulation and intellectual exploration, and two: it is an effective therapeutic activity.

As a young person, I invested a huge amount of time drawing. It was not something I did intentionally to develop a skill, it was just an activity I had always done, a “condition.” I did not consider it particularly skillful or purposeful for many years, and it took a long time for me to even save any drawings. Without being aware of it at that time, creating art served a therapeutic purpose. It was the activity that occupied my mind and took the place of bad thoughts. You could describe it as something that you are doing not really giving any thought to, because it is your way to pass the time.

I occasionally exhibit an obsession and fascination with philosophical or intellectually strange topics. My art is a reflection of this. However, this tendency, along with the introduction of the macabre and fantastic from pop culture, and along with the general absurdity a person can experience through the course of life, can drive my expression into surrealism and abstraction, often with a tinge of the ghastly or ridiculous.


Full Version

I have continually been putting serious effort into art for the last twenty years. Just as most people have, I have been through some stuff and seen some things, but through all of it I always come back to art. I often wish that my story could be more warm and fuzzy and that my art could be pleasant and happy, but it isn't. I have always been introverted, previously to a fault, and it is somewhat difficult even to share this much information. But if I didn't share then it wouldn't be real. I believe it is important to be authentic and sincere. Not to exaggerate, but its like exposing a little piece of your soul to everyone who can freely criticize and ridicule it, regardless of your level of commitment to it and how important it is to you. The good feeling of creating something that took thousands of hours of practice to be able to create, and that feeling potentially destroyed in a second by a mean comment. It took me a long time to develop a "thick skin" to deal with that.

Being overly introverted and lacking self confidence, I threw everything away that I drew for a long time, and I would not have shared it with anyone, although because I always was drawing during classes and at jobs I couldn't hide it from other people. That turned out being a good thing because many people were positive and made me feel as though I was doing something special. There were many times as well where there was negativity, and that is to be expected, and I am not complaining about it. Although coming from a place of little self confidence, such negativity was at times too much for me to feel comfortable sharing it on a wide scale, or believing it had value. I have often felt ashamed that what I am making is absurd and potentially disturbing and that somehow makes me a bad person, and that I should make art that is more satisfying to everyone. But as I have gotten older, I feel that I cannot think that way.

I now believe that making what I am making in an authentic way, even if people don't like it, is something special. It also used to bother me that my art may be unsophisticated and unworthy because I am mainly self taught with limited formal art education; now I see that as a benefit. I have not created this in a vacuum and nothing is totally original, but I am proud that I have been consistent, within a few categories, in what I have created over a long time, without a formal system to dictate my development or without me trying to create to fit the needs of a market. My collection of works has been created as art for arts sake and that is the way it will stay. I can not say it is good but I can say it is real. I like to think that gives it a kind of purity.

It has been a journey where I have been through times of solid confidence and unyielding motivation, as well as times of bitter doubt and zero self confidence. I have had many failures, false starts, and disappointments. 

Thankfully I have become aware of and have been doing research on NFTs and I would like to believe that I can find a place in the NFT community and share my art and build relationships. I am choosing to believe that the many difficulties along the way were all necessary and beneficial in order for me to have this mindset at this moment in time and have this opportunity.


Mailing List

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I have four printable bookmarks in pdf format for anyone who joins the newsletter.



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